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yes there are now Traps in Deception and The Prodichi**SMACKS YOUR FACE OFF**

Now let's be serious here for a second. I absolutely Cannot find any more time to make Deception. I have tried to find the time entirely this year but it all led to switches and shit. "Oh ill make deception pages after commissions" ~Commissions never ended. "Oh Ill make Deception pages every 10 Washed ashore/Juizzy Fruit Pages" ~ Main Work hours switched to R34 animations, moving Juizzy Fruit pages to be worked on Free-time and am unwilling to do Deception pages on free time.

People don't pay me to make comic pages, they used to, but because that wasn't enough to get rid of my IRL problems, i had to look for solutions. And that solution is to make R34 Loops, and they pay very well. Thing is, if you're doing r34 loops, u only gotta do r34 loops. " OH HEY PLOXMAN, Y U NO work on ONE OR TWO Deception Pages every month?". Because people expect me to do more r34 loops else they go.

My Fruit Girls however are being worked on my Free-time. "OH HEY PLOXMAN, Y U NO work on Deception on your FREE-TIME". Listen pal, friend, ol' buddy. Let's be fckn honest here. Let's say I focus ENTIRELY on Deception on my free-time. I finish Deception, hypothetically, where the fck ya'll mfckers gonna be? Here's what's gonna happen in this scenario. you'll forget that i even made that shit. you'll watch some other random comic to replace your musings. That's just how it is. Me on the other hand, having to have just finished a masterpiece, now have nothing to go on for. This why I use my Free-time for Fruit Girls. My Actual Brain bebes. That's the long haul

So where does Deception go now? I don't wanna kill it, i honestly don't. 5 years later, the script is still solid. It's just a story waiting to be told. This honestly depresses the fuck out of me.

I have one last card(s) to make Deception ~And The Prodichi a real Funded Success. 3 months of R34 stuff, then 1 month of Deception/Prodichi. Rinse and Repeat. This gives me ample of time to build momentum on my R34 Audience. Then Ample of Time to convince YA'll DUMBB MOFCKAS, to support Deception/The Prodichi. That's it. That's my last card. Ill start Deception month on February 2022. Hold me to it.


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